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In space planning, the design professional blocks out interior spatial areas, defines circulation patterns, and develops plans and layouts for furniture and equipment placement. Space planning services consider numerous design parameters, including the client’s project goals and priorities, the client’s organizational structure and relationships, space allocation criteria, building codes and access for the disabled, furniture standards, circulation and work flow, design considerations, the constraints of fixed building elements and building system interfaces, security and privacy issues, and flexibility for accommodating future space needs. The advent of high-rise office space with unfinished interiors stimulated the market for space planning services as a stand-alone interior design activity for the corporate market. Once spaces in these multitenant, multifloor office buildings and office parks are leased, they must be improved to accommodate the new tenants’ activities. Tenant build-out often requires planning for several hundred thousand square feet of office space and frequently includes design for auxiliary and support spaces as well. During the 1990s the importance of space planning was fueled by the increasing rate of organizational change, the desire to accommodate new management strategies to increase creativity and productivity, and the continuing need to integrate new technology into the workplace.